PPG Mexico Awarded "Best Energy Project Logistic Company"

BASE logistika is proud to announce that ICI projects was recognised by Transport News magazine as "Best Energy Project Logistic Company - Mexico". This recognition proves the dedication and effort made by the whole group to fulfil their Mission and add value to their clients.


ICI Proyectos is BASE logistika’s Project Cargo Division with over 60 infrastructure projects valued at more than US25 Billion including Power Generation plants, Pipelines, Refineries, Petrochemical and other large Capital Investment Projects.


A measure of leadership in their target markets is their involvement in the construction of more than 17,000 MW of power generation facilities. This is equal to 57% of the capacity added to the Mexican Electric System between 1996-2016, and 27% of the total installed generation capacity of Mexico.



Integrity, Commitment, Continuous Learning and Innovation are BLK’s Core Values and have enabled them to produce what no other company, domestic or international, has achieved in Mexico.