Overdimensional cargo transportation network, Project Professionals Group, has expanded its Australian membership to include individual states.

Project Professionals Group’s 10th anniversary conference in Melbourne from 6-8 September delivered informative sponsor presentations and productive member meetings while also providing attendees with the opportunity to experience the world’s most liveable city.

BASE logistika is proud to announce that ICI projects was recognised by Transport News magazine as "Best Energy Project Logistic Company - Mexico". This recognition proves the dedication and effort made by the whole group to fulfil their Mission and add value to their clients.


ICI Proyectos is BASE logistika’s Project Cargo Division with over 60 infrastructure projects valued at more than US25 Billion including Power Generation plants, Pipelines, Refineries, Petrochemical and other large Capital Investment Projects.

Shin Jo Logitech (PPG Korea), has successfully concluded three shipments from Busan to jobsite in Johor via Pasir Gudang port. Delivery to jobsite was arranged by Tera Projects (PPG Malaysia). The shipments comprised gangway towers, complete with crane, for the Pengerang 2 Project in Malaysia. 1st shipment 1,064cbm; 2nd shipment 731cbm; and 3rd third shipment 1,113cbm. Overall total 2,908cbm. The largest unit of L 10.460m x W 4.560m  was containerized for loading on vessel.

Welcome the "Yara Birkeland", with a capacity of up to 150 shipping containers, the battery-powered ship will be small compared to modern standards (the biggest container ship in the world holds 19,000 containers, and an average-size ship holds 3,500), but its launch will mark the beginning of a transformation of the global shipping industry. This transformation could heavily impact global trade as well as the environment.


PPG UK member, Hemisphere Freight Services (HFS), received a tender from their valued customer, Bladeroom Data Centres. The tender involved shipping data centre components in kit form from the UK to Melbourne for a large construction project.


After analysing our customer’s requirements and taking the time to fully understand the cargo, HFS were able to put together a solution which, despite some very tough competition, saw them come out on top in terms of both efficiency and cost.

PPG UK member, Hemisphere Freight Services (HFS), were tasked with finding the most cost-effective and workable solution to deliver a 132kv Super Grid power transformer, weighing 180 tonnes. Following discharge from an ocean vessel, which originated in Korea, Hemisphere took responsibility of safely transporting the transformer from Rotterdam Port through to the National Grid site on the UK’s east coast.


Wangfoong Transportation Limited specialise in organizing complicated logistics services for entertainment event cargo in Hong Kong and all over China (Dalian, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou).

Wangfoong Transportation Limited & Carriage Global(S) have successfully concluded a project cargo movement comprised of a 92 M/T “Reel” with a dimension of L 4.000m x W 3.400m x H 3.400m from Singapore to Da Chan Bay at Shenzhen via Hong Kong. Scope of work included preparation of statement of works, as well as risk assessment, complete survey, provision of derrick barge to collect cargo under hook alongside inbound mother vessel in Hong Kong and trans-shipment to Da Chan Bay terminal.